Why Shallon Lester's Content Is Harmful & Problematic


hey y’all, in todays video I discuss the youtuber Shallon Lester and her problematic content that is extremely harmful to impressionable people & people’s mental health. I do so by explaining the shadey ways her channel has gained its success and by reacting to some of her shocking videos.

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  1. You lost me when you called her delusional for saying that Harry Stiles kissed her as that story is completely plausible.

  2. i highly agree that Shallon is toxic and has massive mental issues, but what's with the constant trigger warnings and virtuous judgements??? Who are you talking to? Are your subs so mentally unstable that they require trigger warnings for just conversations?? I am very confused….also, i believe public figures cannot sue for defamation unless the comment made by someone can cause physical harm

  3. thanks for this- as someone with bpd among other mental illnesses that video hurt me a lot and seeing you and others stand up against it means a lot for me and helping the stigma around it xxx thank you so much

  4. I’m right there with you. I used to watch her stuff and it just went downhill and was just boring after a while. She is good at engagement, but I find after watching a bunch of her videos, I just can’t watch her. It would make me feel uncomfortable when she would talk about these celebs. I wonder how many of her followers stick around for a long time. I didn’t unfollow until today, I just stopped watching, so she could have a lot more like me.

  5. The su**ide comment really got to me. Not believing his reasons not to act on his thoughts are disgusting. I had such thoughts a few years ago and the only thing that stopped me from acting on it was my family. DO NOT MOCK THAT. That was his only reason to hold onto life. You should never mock such a thing

  6. To be fair, Selena Gomez did say in an interview that she's going to continue to drink because it's her life and she'll do what she wants- that's why people are saying her and her friend who donated the kidney to her fell out of touch. But I don't think it's okay for Shallon to say the things she does about Selena and to make so many videos that slander her image

  7. Why were you taking her advice to begin with, I always watched that show in the same way i watch yours…eat popcorn and MoveOn. Y’all are too sensitive

  8. Hi new subscriber, just wanted to say you got me. Love your format, love your presentation, will probably binge your videos the rest of the day lol

  9. As someone who has suffered with those dark thoughts many, many times throughout my life, hearing her discount Pete Davidson's struggles made me sick to my stomach, actually disgusting behaviour on her part, an almost 40 year old woman should know better

  10. Can we just actknowledge the cringy fact that she calls ppl who watch her crap "shalloners" ??!!! … like… everythimg fine at home, Shallon??? …

  11. Maybe I should make this my niche because there’s going to be an opening. Nah. I lack whatever that requires. Yikes.

  12. YES Someone's finally calling out the crazy! She has creeper me out with her thirsty comments on Justin Beiber, its just grosse to see a grown woman behave like this. Shes a bitter desperate woman. She's scary…


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