Why Kanjuro Is the Traitor : One Piece Theory chapter 956+


Who is the traitor ?? after thorough investigation we came to the conclusion that Kanjuro had been fishy since the beginning hence we believe he is the snitch.



  1. you guys should note that kanjuro beng the traitor could play a big role in orochi's demise. Note also that orochi has blind trust in kanjuro which means oda can use this to bring him down all that's needed as ingredient is that kanjuro should be willing to help but orochi did kill his parents no…. theory incoming

  2. Latest spoiler denjiro shows up and kanjuro tricked by denjiro about the hidden message. And yet i still thinking why luffy using bounceman against fledgeling beast pirates together with law's room and Kidd's Punk load. Break next week with oda sensei's message about the worldwide virus.

  3. I find it funny you used a Samsho character very similar to Kanjuro for the thumb, but his name is actually Kyoshiro, the same name of Denjiro's alias.

  4. Well it's been revealed that he is one of the Kurozumi's family member but … since he is the traitor why in Chapter 972, page 13 he cried when he remembered his first meeting with Oden? I think Oda didn't handle very well this "traitor" storyline.


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