WHO: ‘Europe Has Now Become The Epicenter Of The Pandemic’ | NBC News


Any country thinking “that won’t happen to us, is making a deadly mistake,” warned World Health Organization Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.
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WHO: ‘Europe Has Now Become The Epicenter Of The Pandemic’ | NBC News



  1. The WHO should have warned the WORLD late last year as Taiwan did. Taiwan, a non-WHO-member country, started preventive measures AS EARLY AS December 31 by screening travelers from Wuhan, and formed an expert panel on January 2. What was China doing then? Busy punishing the doctor-whistleblowers in December, and telling local governments ‘not to sabotage the atmosphere of the CHINESE NEW YEAR,’ which ended up sending tens of millions of potentially infected Chinese people to the world.

    Taiwan has been taking proactive anti-virus measures well: no panic, no lockdown, normal life, with only 53 cases as of mid-March, despite its geographical proximity to China.

    The WHO is to blame. Tedros should have informed its member countries of taking measures in December. This China-controlled WORLD organization only helped China hide facts of mismanaging the COVID-19 spread starting late 2019 by announcing pandemic after the outbreak in Europe and saying Europe is the pandemic epicenter. As part of its propaganda, China is now manipulating its media force as a savior-to-be. Ironically now China has officially blamed the US for bringing the virus to Wuhan. Totally insane!

  2. my question is why are the countries which have good recoveries not teaching the countries with low or zero recoveries what needs to be done? WHO educate in the sharing of remedial & control action

  3. Wow… this proves that WHO is indeed a puppet of China. Saying nothing when COVID started in China, and now calling Europe as the epicenter? Whatever the situation is, the only 'Epicenter' is China.

  4. I think this is a stark example of what problems arise when politics is involved in the field of health. Coronavirus originated in China, and many Chinese people fled the country during the Chinese holiday.Europe has become the new epicenter? The whole world is being hurt by China's ignorant action, and it seems that only this person doesn't know it doesn't know. No, he knows, but he's stuck with China's huge capital.
    Japan is also falsely reporting the confirmed number of corona viruses to host the Olympics. No, they're not even conducting a proper inspection. 700 confirmed in Japan! There are only 700 people infected with the virus in this country, which is very close to China and has active exchanges? They're hiding the truth and injecting capital into WHO to tell lies. Who did this much money go to?

  5. Yeah, this is the guy who just a month ago said “nothing to worry about.” If he would have done something then, it might not have spread as badly as it has.

  6. this disease is from the poorest part of China where people are eating wildlife from a wet market because the government of China don't wanna supply the proper resources for there people to eat right ( the government of China is putting billions of lives at risk because they want power ) 😲 y'all politicians make me dam sick with y'all nonsense

  7. So, Trump called COVID-19 a foreign disease. So, Trump, did Corona virus come from China, or, Iran, since you think it's a foreign disease? Trump, you are ignorant. The Lord God will make you pay for your hate.

  8. Quick to condemn Europe ( few thousands of cases) but praises China with millions of China. This communist supporter killed millions of people when he was in power in Ethopia ( supported by ccp) cannot be trusted. Google his history

  9. US will become epicenter when we start testing. This is going to explode bigly because turd trumps stupidity. The deaths are on his hands. He and his kids and the malignant GOP should all die from this vurus – they deserve it bugly. deserves to die

  10. us army bring virus into Wuhan,evil USA dont care about theirown ppl life and take coronavirus as a flu virus.

    now USA have make the whole world into the big ptoblem

    usa should apologize if usa gov and ppl have still anr human conscience!

  11. This story is all wrong,
    This pandemic is TRUMPS and ONLY TRUMP'S fault.
    No one else is to blame, just TRUMP.
    EVERYTHING is TRUMP'S fault.
    To say otherwise is racist, bigoted and homophobic.
    Maybe some of you with a few brain cells will realize how stupid my statement is.

  12. FUN FACT: Italy and china had a newly trade agreement. So that mean when the quarantine from Wuhan was started and the people fled to italy, nothing was dont to avoid china looking bad. The Italian didn't said nothing and let it happen. China police is now in Italy.

  13. “that won’t happen to us, is making a deadly mistake,” It s a Sarcasm..cause Swiss..The WHO Headquarter country now are in LOCKDOWN…

  14. W…hat a
    H…ooligans of a

    Waste of time and waste of money, these clowns are eating funds!!!!!!!!

  15. WHO is a lackey of CCP. This Ethiopian got major kickback from CCP belt and road ponzie scheme. The evil CCP empire is spinning hard that this virus didn't originate from them. WHO is complicit in this crime against humanity as they fully aware CCP hide the seriousness of this virus for two months and purposely let it people spreads the virus to the world during the Chinese New Year holiday. The West need to shut down the evil CCP empire supply chain. Charge CCP with crime against humanity.

  16. China is great at propaganda and misleading information. They even published a book about the accomplishments of President Xi Jinping, the Communist Party and how great China is in fighting the coronavirus.

  17. China isn't suitable for an integrated modern world… We will have pandemics again, starting from China! I hope we will learn our lesson this time.


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