UK PM Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus – BBC Newsnight


Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for coronavirus and is self-isolating in Downing Street.
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He said he had experienced mild symptoms over the past 24 hours, including a temperature and cough, but would continue to lead the government.

England’s Health Secretary Matt Hancock said he had also tested positive while England’s Chief Medical Officer, Prof Chris Whitty, has shown symptoms.

Another 181 people died with the virus in the past day, figures showed.

It takes the total number of UK deaths to 759, with 14,543 confirmed cases.

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  1. This is the proof:
    He never considered coronavirus a serious threat so didn't bother keeping 2 meters distance with people?

  2. We have to practice distancing from others to help lessen the spread, this is to try to prevent the NHS from getting to breaking point and beyond. Most of us could either have this virus, or have had it without even knowing. The same could be said of seasonal flu. Not everyone gets chronically ill. We will need to build up an immunity to this virus, but the distancing is to help ease the burden on the NHS. Boris and co will have private medical care, so they are very unlikely to place a burden on the NHS themselves.

  3. Like that wasn’t always going to happen! he did also (apparently) get his flu shot live on national telly though so it wouldn’t surprise me if he did test positive!

  4. Funny how all these celebs get "mild symptoms" whilst there are shock stories pushed out left right and centre for the regular Joe. Doesn't add up…..

  5. Because the British Prime Minister visited people so he was infected, and Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke to the screen so he was not infected.

  6. Get well soon mr prime minister hoping and praying for your speedy recovery so that you can serve again God bless you and the entire people of United Kingdom and get well soon too who those infected with the virus and lastly all the frontliners who continued battling with this covid19 May the almighty God give them strength and knowledge more on how to cure of this virus

  7. This repulsive,arrogant,pro hunt piece of turd bojo should take it on the chin like he said we should thats if he even has it we all know what a filthy compulsive lying scumbag he is.

  8. He is preaching but not doing as he said.
    Practice what ypu preach.
    Look how close together they are?
    Where is the 2 meter distance of each other ?

  9. Old people die 3 months earlier due to the virus, lets turn the economy off and destroy the future of the young, We had a choice, stop old people dying or give young people a future, we choose to destroy their future. Massive mistake. In the future there won't be any money to look after the old either, The CURE is going to kill the Patient and the manic BBC and their over reacting fake journalism does not help.

  10. How come Boris, who knowingly shook hands with coronavirus patients, is any better than that guy who licked all those shampoo bottles and went to jail shortly after?

    Anybody else appreciate the irony of a Tory government standing in front of the signs saying "protected the NHS" too?

  11. Can we please stop using jingoist military-like terms to describe what is going on. We're not at war and we're not enlisted.

  12. If people gets paid from government when country is is in lock down WHY key workers don't get paid double if we are the ones who are actually risking our lives so everybody ells can be safe ????

  13. I want to know what else is happening behind our backs. I no Boris and trump are busy making sure that their chosen pals businesses are getting a windfall. Never waste a pandemic.


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