Twilight Imperium (4th Edition) in 32 minutes


At long last, TI4 is here and it’s worth the wait! Hope you all enjoy this video and it helps get some games started.
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4:12 You should choose your secret objective before revealing the public objectives
6:35 I say that the numbers next to planets refer to their “production and influence values.” It should be their RESOURCE and influence values. Hopefully this didn’t confuse anyone too much.
23:43 I say that the secondary of Construction doesn’t allow you to build a PDS/Space Dock on an already activated system. You totally can though, as an eagle-eyed viewer helpfully pointed out, just discard the strategy token that you spend.

Want to rewatch something?
Intro – 1:03
Setup – 2:55
Activating a system – 5:30
Production – 6:55
Movement restrictions – 9:22
Combat basics – 11:33
Space Combat – 13:17
Invasion Combat – 16:43
Strategic Actions/Cards – 19:24
Leadership – 20:24
Diplomacy – 21:10
Politics – 21:48
Construction – 23:15
Trade – 23:47
Warfare – 25:03
Technology – 25:57
Imperial – 28:01
Status Phase – 28:42
Agenda Phase – 30:30
Promissory Notes – 32:50
Building a Galaxy – 33:13
Epilogue – 34:42

Had to remove the song at the end because copyright law is more confusing than I thought. Sorry folks.

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  1. Even though this is a good video, i don't know why you did tactics phase and combat first, before strategy phase, it made it much more complicated than it supposed to be

  2. Hey love your videos, just got TI4 and I'm learning it so I can teach my friends. I don't want to win the first 8 hour game I convince people to sit through with me, so any advice on throwing the game without it looking like I'm throwing the game, or pissing people off by just fighting the whole time?

  3. This video led me to misunderstand several aspects of Twilight Imperium. It made no mention of promissory notes, and did not make it clear that the Strategy phase took place before the Tactics phase. The jokes tended to come to quickly, and distract from internalizing rules.

  4. Sorry, this game is overly complicated with asinine rules meant to extend gameplay in the name of "strategy" only to have your strategy squelched by a bad roll from d10. The rules cause confusion and constant refreshment from (not a quick) glance through the book. This game leave one feeling annoyed, frustrated, and for myself a little dumb for not remembering the rules which read like a novel. I feel terrible for my son who spent hard earned money for this game to have come to the understanding that no one is going to sit down again to agonize over this unpleasant (albeit attractive) bore of a "game". Indeed, this game could use a 5th edition with a streamlined rule set and without the desire to make an epic all-day game experience that NO ONE can honestly sit through.
    Boy did I try. I tried hard for my son.

  5. The attempted flick at 8:02 was the reason I gave this thumbs up. Other good things too. 😉 (PS I thought Shae got killed by Tyrion?!?)

  6. 20:42 – So I have been told that since the status phase happens before agenda, that this is not correct. You can use it for resources, then use the influence for voting. While I think you are saying this, it's unclear that it carries over to the agenda phase.

  7. And several years later, I still use this video everytime I'm hosting a game, both for the new players, and for the not-new as a quick refresher. I send it out a couple of days before the game as well. 🙂

  8. Just finished my first game, jolnar, came in 3rd. Thanks for your effort in this vid, it was extremely helpful. If I could make a suggestion for a future version of this vid, do a first round walk though where you go through every phase.

  9. Rules videos don't come better then this. I don't have Twilight Imperium or a plan to play to play it any time soon, I still watched this through happily.

  10. After watching this video I thought "I've got this."

    I did not have this guys. But I at least had a rough idea. Cheers!

  11. I watched this and skimmed the rules intro book, worried that I would waste time asking dumb questions about the game, bog it down, and make it no fun… but there was only one time we got surprised by something in the game, it was entirely inconsequential, and I totally got the game flow down pat. Great video and I've signed up for the Patreon.

  12. Does anyone know a video that shows how the voting phase plays out? I think we are doing itnright but feels… wrong?

  13. Can all players including the speaker abstain from voting for an agenda during agenda phase? If so would it be considered a tie although absolutely no votes were cast? The speaker should resolve ties, but how can this still be valid if the speaker has abstained from voting in the first place? I personally think that ties are only valid if the tied outcomes have at least one vote (influence) cast in its favour. Also I think it would make sense that the speaker (who is the last to vote) should be forced to cast at least one vote if all other players abstained from voting for an agenda.


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