Top 5 Celebrities With Corona Virus | Tom Hanks, Donovn Mitchell & more.


Top 5 Celebrities With Corona Virus | Tom Hanks, Donovn Mitchell & more.
Part 2:
The Simpsons Predicted Corona Virus:

Coronavirus things is mind blowing. It’s one thing to see numbers on the news of those effected but when celebrities we feel like we know contract the virus it brings it a lot closer to home.
From the sporting world to influencers and A list actors no one is safe and people are going to extreme lengths to make sure they don’t catch it…
Corona Virus has made for some interesting content online and those who just so happen to be coming down with the flu are being treated like lepers and put in quarantine.

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  1. DAMMIT RUDY, why the hell u touchin folks??!!!!! 😂 get better bud. Much love. And to everyone else in the list. We love you all. ❤️

  2. This Coronavirus is only for the rich and famous or for those that are indicted 🙌 with a one ticket to GITMO resort

  3. Can u plz put a pic that actually explains the video? I thought Drake and others have it … fucking hate your kind of people . Always misleading!

  4. tainted Adrenochrome batches coming from Wuhan.. going to see a lot more satanic celebrities testing positive for Cov-19..

  5. he should put some cloths on, showing of his tats in this situation, give me a break, looser, attention seeker obviously. what ever

  6. Please save it… Hollywood celebrities having the Coronavirus? I call Bullshit.. anyone famous I call bullshit…

  7. it’s a fake thing this virus, as it’s said that if a person was infected with this they would be dead in 24hours, and also I find it crazy how the virus is all over the western world via the media but not one person I know or they know has this virus at all 🤔. Tom Hanks if you love your country and people of it then tell the truth, in the Simpsons character of Tom Hanks he says something along the lines of when the American people lose trust in the government he’s the next best thing they’ll use to make the people basically believe anything, also it crazy how all these deaths and not one funeral or cremation has happened coz I’d believe that there would be quite a lot with all these deaths and the media would have been talking about it as well, not just the irrelevant toilet paper issue


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