The Things Dr Bright is not allowed to do at the SCP Foundation


The Things Doctor bright is not allowed to at the SCP Foundation” reading list! Lots of pop culture references, meta SCP coverage, memes, and lots more about this Doctor Jack Bright fellow! Enjoy and have a good laugh at this silly joke SCP reading of this list from the SCP Foundation wiki!

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SCP reading video created by Eastside Steve of The Eastside Show!
Read from the SCP Foundation Wiki –
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Written by multiple authors

Intro and Outro music – “Evening Fall (Piano)” Kevin MacLeod (
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Meatball parade by Kevin MacLeod (
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  2. I just like the fact most of these include Dr. Clef. You know. What would happen if you merge both Dr. Bright and Dr. Clef?

    O5 Council: NO!

    Sorry. Sorry. I'll go and get my memory wiped for that…..

  3. This guy seems more dangerous than most of the scps 😂😂 shits great, he's a menace its 😂 its like he's a bored stoner fucking with people. Immortality has made him a troll.


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