THE PLATFORM Ending Explained!


In this video we take a deep dive, review, recap and explain the ending to Netflix’s latest horror film from Spain “The Platform”. El Hoyo.

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  1. Thanks for your interpretation I now I know it's been a puzzle to me and I'll try to watch it again. More power to your channel. God bless 🙏

  2. Loved this movie!

    But, didn't she say she was looking for her son?? The child ended up being a girl in the end.

    I'm also confused on how the woman got back up to other levels after riding down?

  3. I would order some bats from Wuhan. the virus would wipe out the top 10 levels and a new order would be created from the bottom up.

  4. Can someone just explain to me the scene where the panacotta reached the top and the head chef was scolding his sous chefs for having a hair strand in it …like it had to be a different timeline right

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  6. I think this platform represents the capitalism system in most societies, rich people above try to eat everything and not caring about people below them (even thought there enough food for all of them ) , the more this table go down , the less food left to the point that people down ( the poor ones in society ) fight with each other if they want to survive and even some can kill others just to stay alive , the little girl at the end is the last floor , in this floor no one even bothered to go down there cause the food never got those last floors + in those last floors no more people left , by sending her up means that someone actually wanted to change the system that's why they called her the message , it means someone made an effort to go down and try to change people minds about all of this and that they should cooperate so everyone will survive, if no one done that , that girl would never be found and sent up+ i believe that is girl is not real it's just a metaphor ( the message ) and i believe that for two reasons , first the woman who killed her self said that no child under 16 is allowed here , second , that little girl is in the last floor and we all know that food never got those last floors ! So how she survived? She has no mate in the same floor that she can eat and she is there for days and she is a child so she would starve to death but she is not !! This girl is just a sign to the people at the top who created that system that people are revolting and want the change of this brutal system

  7. I am so tired of the whole "capitalism is bad" thing.

    I lived in Venezuela 20 years and everyone that hates capitalism should just be thrown there in Chavez and Maduro's Venezuela for a year or two to fend for themselves so they understand their staggering stupidity.

  8. How did that little girl survive? I mean did that woman really drop down every month to find and protect her?
    she avoided all the madness and psychos. Or was she always down at 333. She looked clean too. Not a scratch.

  9. I believe it really didn’t had a child, being in a place like that would have anyone tripping… also the pannacotta really reaches the top that’s y it was shown in between the movie….. good 1 Netflix…..👍🏾💯

  10. Could Level 0 represent a parallel jail? cooks are treated as slaves, we don't know how they ended there, plus they seem blind to what happens under they feet, focused on satisfying the needs of the administrator… the administrator's duty is to guarantee the perfect preparation of every inmate's favourite meal… what inmates want to consume is also what corrupts the whole system

  11. I hate movies that end like this ..its like a kick in the fuck you if you wanted to see the full end…..fuck the ending…great movie…sucky ending

  12. My main gripe with the film is that it seems to be net negative which just makes the whole movie kinda dumb the more I think about it because then there is no optimum solution. There seems to not be enough food, as despite having the top 50 fast, having a 99% intact platform, and going through over 100 empty floors they are still left with one item . If it is suppose to represent capitalism then it fails to simulate American lives, as there is very clearly enough to go around in the US, as it is currently a post-scarcity society. And mostly self-sufficient. [Don't even try to debate on this point, I will merc you (: ] The world is a more hotly debated question (I think there is but it requires a lot of STEM workers ). The movie would be more interesting if there was enough food for everyone to go around. Instead it shows a scarcity economy that has little resemblance to most Western countries.

  13. That movie was such a ride. 10/10 I would say. Too bad that there are many who will never grasp the message in this film…. 😔 oh well. 😈 Enjoy floor 1 while it last my friends.


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