The New iPad Pro 2020 Reaction


Apple shows off the new iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9 for 2020. That said, it appears the new Magic Keyboard accessory has captured more attention.

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  1. I'm watching this to get an idea of what to expect from android developers next year to compete with it.

    Because while the iPad1 I had was fun for a couple years, it turned into a $650 cutting board because it stopped getting updates. I'll be upgrading from the Note4 finally this year to the next Note11/20 that comes out. It hasn't gotten updates for a while, but IT STILL WORKS WITH THE APPS THAT ARE INSTALLED. I liked my iPhone 3G until it slowed down and stopped. After experiencing the freedom of Android where I have access to everything on my phone/tablet, I don't think I could go back to the walls of apple.

  2. I’m just so glad that the new keyboard will work with the last iPad Pro. So I don’t have to buy a whole new ipad just for the better keyboard

  3. I bought a ipad pro 11 a month ago and they do this? So salty. Trade in value is $240… might sell for $500. So effin salty

  4. Wait…so everyone said the i7 Pixelbook go is insanely priced at $1399…..for an i7 with 16GB ram and 256GB Storage. But an iPad Pro starts at $1350….lmao. Apple is amazing.

  5. For a portable I will only use a chromebook now. I have a Pixelbook Go and a Pixel Slate and it doesn't get better for portable computing.

  6. They say hard surfaces carry the virus, the future could be "no physical devices", only virtual projected surfaces, etc. E.g. Star Trek Picard, where displays are projected.
    Just a thought, tech companies are now going to try and squeeze us before the realisation. Just a thought.

  7. If you want a toy the iPad is for you. The iPad isn't a computer no matter how much apple wants to make it look like one. I got an Acer Spin 1. A two in 1 laptop, which I got as a backup to my Dell laptop. As a tablet it has good apps too, though let's face it you're not gonna have as much apps in the Microsoft app store as the Apple one, but that won't matter because everyone who owns a tablet also owns a smartphone, and I got an Android smartphone which I use more for play. I only recommend the iPad if you basically want an expensive toy for your kid they can consume social media, and give them something to use before they're old enough for a smartphone, but if you want a true device for both work and play, you're better off getting a Windows tablet or even better a two in one windows device.

  8. I see that Ipad Pro 2020 is nothing new. Only new magic keyboard seems to be interesting but it also look like it is bigger and heavier therefore Ipadish thing could lose it sense.

  9. Camera a totally niche thing. Would rather they put the money/effort into mini LED screen and A13 chip. this smacks of let’s rip off the early adopters and then do a further upgrade at the end of 2020.

  10. Can I order the Pablo Escobar brushed metal back plate for the Fold2 from you? How much will it cost? And when will it arrive? Just asking for a friend…

  11. Amazing reviews, but i can't stand this huge mic / robot you're talking into… there are mini clipped mics, you'd look more 'legit' 🙂

  12. I feel like Microsoft set the bar for what a tablet hybrid hardware should have but missed it with software….. eb has its second failure at least wit the pro artist community switching from Wacom to NTRIG

    HIT IT BIG with the iPad iOS by having touch support only it forced new apps to be made big app companies adobe auto desk Corel they weren’t messing with this thing

    And then Apple had the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil boom we have the little software studios stepping up and come to the 2nd and 3rd gen we have adobe and autodesk playing catch-up

    So iPadOS S has a 10 year head start on touch ui friendliness and for those who need that extra bit of human interphase here comes the track pad

    Meanwhile Microsoft is still trying to build a perfect personal touch device and get away from the desktop ui with the surface x and the upcoming duo windows 10x


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