Stock Market Crash, Putin’s Potential Term Reset & An African Locust Swarm | The Daily Show


The stock market plunges, Vladimir Putin considers a plan to prolong his presidency, and changing weather patterns cause a severe swarm of locusts in East Africa. #TheDailyShow

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  1. Lost $500 billion means the loss of the value of the companies. Has nothing to do with phyisical cash money. Your 401k loses money too in a crash, hence you are losing x amount of money as it goes down; has nothing to do with physical dollars but the value of your assets.

  2. I was the first born son, now I'm the first born daughter. Am I all set for the plagues, or is there a form I should fill out?

  3. Yeap, Bible fulfilling itself. King of the North and King of the East. China changed their constitution to make the president a permanent dictator, and now Russia follows suit. Virus, stock crash, crime, violence, immorality these are all signs. Wake up

  4. oh no corona,oh no my money. with this funny gif, you are more famous in china now that spread a
    sense of humor and happiness. we love you. we call you 崔娃 崔cui from trevor,娃wa for our love person.

  5. Poor Trevor, thinking that "you tell us" was a joke but it really hits home here. That's basically what actually happens in Russia :^)

  6. Taking all that smack as everyone loss there money and media loves it buy buy ..Maxine has her hooks in it your buddy..

  7. Corona, locusts, Kobe. 2020 has been taking its being a shit year way too far. Brace yourselves people, Trump will probably get re-elected

  8. This has happen before and us humans have pick our self up and we will do it again.yes it's goin be tuff but us human we will adapt and move forward. Lets not have fear … Fear may be more deadly in some cases than the virus. Let still go out and shop but be smart about it. If we don't go out in shop that is hurting us also.

  9. I'd set nets to catch the locust and then I'd eat them. I mean, they're legitimate protein and Mexico has some spicy ass recipes for them.

  10. Someone should send them those salt guns, and pallets of salt. Then record it, post it up for views, use the income from the video to help support what they lost. Might not work perfect, but its an idea.

  11. Hope the internet goes down, people dying everyday, have been since the beginning of time, pick up ur bibles sheeple, we have been at war but it’s a spiritual war, there is only one way to win it
    Believe in Christ and be ready to go to your eternal Home

  12. This isn't good at all? Where do these locusts go and hide?
    It couldn't have been worse. Corona, then Locust. It could lead to food shortages. Which is as bad as Corona

  13. We eat locusts in Indonesia, so won't have a problem if they attacking our crops, we only make them as a food substitution.

  14. Our problem in Russia is not only Putin but mostly the CORRUPTION which leads to all other problems in this God forsaken country..😕

  15. It is doubtful that climate change is having an effect on locusts. What's most probably happening is that there are a number of different locust species and each has it own swarming phase. Usually, they don't line up, but it looks like this time they lined up very oddly. One upside, they are full of protein. There is one scene in Achebe's 'Things Fall Apart' where the village has a locust plague which they fully welcome. Food from heaven as it were.


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