Sergey Brin and Larry Page: The genesis of Google


Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin offer a peek inside the Google machine, sharing tidbits about international search patterns, the philanthropic Google Foundation, and the company’s dedication to innovation and employee happiness.

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  2. The Technology innovation to first plan:GOOGLE IS SYSTEMS applications, ordering and systems entrophy are available for use in this process is dimensions MATRIX….

  3. The least engaging speaker…no wonder they shove him into research and keep him there. He can't keep anyone engaged.

  4. Ted:)
    Hello & seid gegrüsst!
    Schön, auch mal die Gründer von Google kennenzulernen.
    Very nice to see you all again every time:)
    It's very nice to see you! 🙂
    Viele liebe Grüsse aus Marburg/Germany:)

  5. if this was not like 9 years ago, i would have sued Larry page for misinformation….Nigeria i think has more people using google than all of Europe…

  6. This talk was done less the 9 years, but things google evolved so much that it looks like this was 30 years ago.

  7. Huh, that is the intellectual complexity as in ratios of dichotomies. Little green robots, did karma make the robots green or did green robots make the karma? A life boat filled only with a technological giant and a teeny tiny green robot, who could have thunk it?

  8. What ?? Its on 2004. How about 2012 ?? No one can present a presentation like Google 🙂 For your Consideration: Google I|O 2012

  9. it is pretty good presentation…but if u start comparing every thing with Steve Jobs then god help u…coz tht man was god pf presentation..


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