Putin backs amendment allowing him to stay in power beyond 2024


Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday backed a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow him to seek re-election after his current term ends in 2024, ending uncertainty about his future.

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  1. WHAAAA?? Putin is backing an amendment that allows him to (virtually) remain dictator for life?! Why would he want that kind of unrivaled power…?

  2. Putin seemed so caught off guard by the lawmakers' "surprise" amendment, which will allow him to stay in power for life. With the world distracted with the coronavirus pandemic, and in the spirit of democracy, Putin will likely turn down the offer in favor of his democratically elected successor due to unfavorable opitics. (SARCASM OFF 🤣😂😆).

  3. Very interesting how you compare him to Stalin, and not to Peter The Great who ruled for 42 years, or Catherine the Great who ruled for 34 years. Both had made huge progress for the country.
    Russia needs a stable, long term governance. Its a huge, diverse country, where constant change of a leader only led to divisions, internal struggles and backward development throughout Russia's 1200 year history.

  4. "It is with great reluctance that I have agreed to this calling. I love democracy. I love the Republic. Once this crisis has abated, I will lay down the powers you have given me!" Thanks Jar Jar for the Constitutional Amendment…

  5. Too many cry babies here envied Putin! Merkel has been in power for a long time but nobody complained! Let the Russian people decide, not outsiders who loved to see Russia fall.

  6. Is there anyone more qualified to run Russia? No point of electing someone new just for the sake of someone new. The only reason "democracy" works in the US is because it doesn't matter who's president, the policy of the people who control the real power behind the scenes has always had the last say

  7. Most Western countries have no limit on leadership terms. Part of their problem instead of a good leader steering the country their entire focus becomes the next election. As we can see in Jewmerica now.

  8. He looks like Caesar, but Caesar refused the crown. At least symbolically. Putin makes no bones about taking it with both hands

  9. The most brainwashed nation and uneducated politically are Americans and Europeans ,,
    They think they know it all,and basically they know sh*t,,
    Stop criticising Russia and mind your owen business and elect some worthy leaders instead,
    Seriously what a joke,
    Macron,boris ,trump are a great sample of how idiotic the Eu and US leaders are.

  10. The world needs putin ,Not just Russian,
    I hope he stays in power as long as it takes and needs
    To make the world a fair,safe place to live , we need a leader to balance the power in the world and stop the American and European hypocrisy in stealing the wealth of other nations,making wars on them and take away their freedom and rights in the name of spreading democracy.
    Putin along with few other leaders are establishing a new financial system and free the wolrd from the dominance of $ to oppose the unfair treatment by IMF towards the weaker nations and free the world from its debt,
    The world need strong,charismatic and brilliant leaders like Putin.
    Long live Putin the great

  11. FRANCE 24 ENGLISH: Except you, we all want President Putin to be President beyhond 2024 with no limit terms.
    It is sad for you.

  12. He always want to play the big boy…. Bud he trow boms on women and childern the big Russian hero…… God wil hunt you….

  13. Putin should just declare himself a new Emperor and King of Russia, that ways he doesn't have to worry about re-election.

  14. The worst thing is that it’s not even a democracy over there. If anyone opposes him they end up dead anyways, so most likely it will pass.

  15. Russia is going to a total dictartorship and police state like winnie the poohs china if i whould be a russian i would try to get out of that police state.


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