One Piece Theory (+956) – The Traitor of Kouzuki Clan!


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– Aban – Digimon Adventure OST
– Songs from Rurouni Kenshin and Digimon Adventure OST.

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  1. Bom, eu escutei o opex cast e vim aqui só pra dar parabéns pra vc e pra falar que se você quisesse podia ser um detetive na vida real, vc foi incrível, parabéns. Agora um recado para os americanos…. the man who made this video is a fuck Brazilian hue hue

  2. Shit is this for real ,he deduced this on his own even u r also one skill full artist Marco 😉 great !!! After reading the manga i just search kanjuro ur video was on the top i was cool then i saw the date i was like what !!! I'm sharing this video to my peers:)

  3. It always didnt make sense to me that kanjuro wasnt a skilled artist that should've been one of the perks of eating the fruit…

  4. The f! The theory that Kanjouro is the traitor became true… but doesn't have that much evidence. When I watch dressrosa arc and the stair that he create, I already have the suspicion that why would you create a ladder for your enemies as well that smell fishy

  5. Man I am so happy I found out about your channel a few months back. You are, by far, the greatest theorist online right now, congratulations! Keep up the good work! I am waiting for your next one 😉

  6. Predicting that on top of kanjuro being the traitor is a skillful artist, I bow to you my lord (This skillful artist prediction, man you are genious).


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