North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un May Be Seriously Ill, Some Officials Say | TODAY


There are conflicting reports Tuesday morning about the health of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. He hasn’t been seen in public in days, and some U.S. officials say he may be seriously ill after a surgery. Others, however, advise caution. NBC chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel reports for TODAY.
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North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un May Be Seriously Ill, Some Officials Say | TODAY


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  1. Kim-senpai cant be dead!?
    He's a god!
    Even if he does "die" he'll just continue to rule from the heavens!
    Stop with the fake news you could have given me a Heart attack

  2. Kim Jong Un is in a intense vegetated state probably because his smoking most of the country’s weed to combat what ever illness he currently has right now

  3. If he really is dead what does this mean for north Korean people? I dont assume they would want another dictator..

  4. Thank god he’s about today nobody will miss him he will be a figment of our imagination once he dies and will celebrate in South Korea will take over North Korea

  5. This clan is endulging itself in luxury goods and obviously is not able to resist all the temptations of junk food and alkohol. Why? Because they live in a moral vacuum, nobody dares telling them they need to restrain themselves in order to live a healthy life. I am afraid his Sister is more vicious than Kim Yong Un himself, she hates God because he made her with no balls, lol!

  6. Jim jung would die if he flew on the back of a jet. He's a little fat piggy who would squeal like a little fat piggy.

  7. Hes probably hiding from the coronavirus since he probably released it in the air for the world one of his nuclear weapons


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