Nokia Asha 205 unboxing and review


The Nokia Asha 205 is a low cost dual SIM handset with minimal features. The handset comes with QWERTY keypad and runs on Serires 40 OS. Read the full review at

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  1. I just got this phone yesterday, so far its been good, quite basic but the things it has got are all the best they can be. The phone looks very good and doesn't look or feel cheap, the camera is good enough to take decent photo's. Overall I think this is well-worth the money!

  2. You won't be able to see the display in the sun unless you crank up the brightness to the highest level.

  3. Just as it takes you hardly any effort to look for another handset that caters to your needs. You have to understand that this is a LOW-END phone with all functionality you would expect from a phone with a couple of extras, need a phone that has Wi-Fi, 3G and whatnot? pay up! 😛

  4. My problem with these phone is that the ringtone and message alert tone is not that loud enough that I couldn't hear it especially when I'm outside.

  5. You guys need to stop complaining about missing features (Ex. Wifi,Flash,ETC.) because it's a budget phone that thinks about it's customers if your really eager to have a *smartphone* then why won't you just buy one and leave this product alone, what's the matter? Not enough cash? Then phone's like these come around and fill in that place, Nokia is the best brand ever because it always thinks about it's costumers not like Apple which always thinks about upgrading the model for more money…

  6. Its low cost in fact any handset below 5K will not give you a good viewing angle plus without light sensors you will need to push up the brightness level under direct sunlight to be able to barely read the screen text.

  7. Nice review! And what phone would you recomend in the 6k range? MNC'S preferred but indian brands are fine too!

  8. I have not checked but don't think it will work. For 203, it said Sorry, this item is not available for the Nokia Asha 203


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