Nokia 4.2, Nokia 3.2, Nokia 1 Plus, and Nokia 210 Hands-On


It’s MWC 2019 and HMD’s laying an all-out assault from the top-tier right down to the mid-to-low-end smartphones – even throwing a feature phone at us for good measure. Introducing the Nokia 4.2, Nokia 3, Nokia 1 Plus, and Nokia 210.

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  1. Nokia, please make a curved plastic back, removable battery, flat 16:9 5“ or less phone with a decent back camera and good amount of storage plus a headphone jack. So far its only chinese market filling this segment with features lacking that you'd want at some point or another

  2. If the Nokia 4.2, 3.2, and 1 plus ends up being carrier exclusives they won't sell well here the States. The Nokia 2.1 would sell out if it were an UNLOCKED Amazon Prime Exclusive.

  3. In here may can't sold out about nokia smartphones,first the price look more expansive,but in high markets area maybe they can,first top dealers shop when they allowed really can sell on for thier customors,can we see all of smartphones top branded from china ready finished in thier markets,but maybe more of not branded phones can cheap a bit ,is ok ,they finished to sell out,in indonesia ,we think just if new branded phones must make a promotion,and after the brand can never let going,still for remember,product from all china company really show thier quality of thier brand,is look nokia company a bit hard to pull back customers,not liked nokia before 10 year ago…

  4. 3.2 looks good for my mom. Entry level phone with big screen and a pretty affordable price. The 1 plus colors are gorgeous

  5. Oh no no no. Not 8 and 16 gigs of storage again? And 1 gig of memory? Please. I had my fill of really nice looking phones that every time u want to do updates, it says,,, storage full, move stuff around. Never again.
    I know,,,, cost so little. But with today's high power apps,, storage is a BIG deal. And SD cards aren't as good as claimed for extra storage. Trust me,,, been there. 16,,,,maybe. 8 no.


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