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The Nokia 3330 is a very close sibling to the Nokia 3310. The only real difference is a new game, a few small features and the addition of WAP internet capabilities. A huge introduction for this 2001 consumer model phone. In this episode i review the Nokia 3310 and 3330, I connect to the internet using a dial up CSD mobile connection, I explore and I create my own website to demonstrate the internet capabilities of this 15 year old handset.

Nostalgia Nerd WML Site:
Google’s WAP Site:
WML Extension for Chrome:

—Video breakdown—
0:00 Introduction
0:10 History of the Nokia 3310 and 3330
1:25 Nokia connecting to internet
3:35 Connection Established
4:20 Nostalgia Nerd WML Site
5:18 Nokia 3310 Review / Nokia 3330 Review
5:56 Nokia Ringtones
7:18 Nokia 3310/3330 Games
7:45 SMS and Text Messaging on the Nokia
9:36 End Sequence

A list of potential other WAP sites

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BG Music
0:10 Strange Stuff (Youtube audio library)
1:46 Beta Love (Youtube audio library)

New Nokia 3310 information

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  1. At that time I was using another Finnish phone with Microsoft Internet Explorer

  2. The custom welcome screen takes me back, I remember setting all different fonts etc., every morsel of customisation was amazing back then 😀 I genuinely think they were the best era of mobile phones, my 3510 lasted for a week with texting, playing Snake, and two weeks if you left it alone. The colour 3510i was noticeably worse, even before the real battery killer touchscreens came along (my N95 was similarly bad).

  3. Oh man, these are before my time, but they reminded me of when I used to download Java games for my Nokia 5200 using my XP PC on sketchy sites through dial-up (only past midnight or on Sundays, when the fares were lower).

  4. Watching this makes me feel so nostalgic, remembering my dad's 3360 from around 2002. Killed so much time playing Space Impact on that thing. It was pretty much the same as a 3330 but instead of GSM to connect to a service provider, it used AMPS/AMPS-D. Would switch to AMPS where AMPS-D was not available, which was an essential feature back then in my country. I think it could not access WAP when in that very basic mode, but I could be wrong. Can't remember very well now.

  5. When I was 8-ish, my Grandma had this phone and I went on the internet on it trying to go to Atomic Kitten's (lol) website for 3 hours, and later found out she got a huuuuge bill from her phone company the following week. I don't know what the fuck the billing was for ancient nokia phones before 3g was even a popular thing, but it was apparently astronomically high back in 2004 lol.. I felt so bad

  6. Fun fact – the only difference between 3310 and 3330 was EEPROM size. 3310 had 2 MB and 3330 had 4 MB for the flash. Some of 3310s actually had the 4 MB chip and could be flashed to 3330 and get internet connectivity as this was software-only and required no additional hardware.

    I remember hoping and checking for a 4 MB chip when hacking around with my 3310. It only had 2 MB so the best I could do was to flash it to be 3315 that had some minor updates like automatic keypad locking and timed profiles. Later I got an old and ugly 3310 from someone and actually succeeded in converting it to 3330 as this one was one of the 4 MB variants.

    There was a quite active DCT3 (firmware family of 5110, 3210, 3310, 3330, and likes) hacking community back in the day. These phones could be flashed with patched firmware and there were free tools (like Nokix) that even allowed to write your own applications for them. Popular mods were new games, fading LEDs, call duration display, 7 battery and reception bars, alarm repeating.

  7. My mom had these and she used to give me her old ones when she was done with them and got a new one. These were so cool!

  8. And our carriers all either shut down GSM-CSD data (channel itself, regardless which number you dial!) or made it only available for contract customers. Very disappointing.

  9. Actually, what Nokie 3330 calls "looney toons" theme is actually called "Merry Go Round, Broke Down". Warner Bros. just used it as their iconic Looney Tunes cartoon theme song

  10. My first phone wasn't as old as this (I first got one, an alcatel, in 2010 aged 16 for college) but I thought its clamshell design was nifty, it was small enough to actually fit in my jeans side pocket and lo and behold, it had great battery life!
    My Dad had a Nokia for about 12 years with an orange design and I remember those old ringtones. Plus Snake of course.


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