Nokia 3310 (2017) – My Experience!


My thoughts on the NEW Nokia 3310 (2017) phone after a couple days of use!


Nokia 3310 (2017) –


Comment “throwback” if you see this!

Final Cut Pro X plugins I use –
Royalty Free MUSIC –

Stabilizer Gimbal –
Main All Purpose Lens –
Wide Stabilized Lens –
Crazy Macro Lens –
Sharpest Bokeh Lens –
DJI Mavic Air Drone –
Main Computer –

Business Inquiries –

FTC: This video is not sponsored lol.


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  1. The video was uploaded while ago but what. My first telephone was the Motorola CD160 in 1998. I was 13 years old. Only sms and phone calls and that’s was expensive. I have so wonderful time when I was a child 😆

  2. You look a little bit like Kim Jong Un, specially the jaw line. Hey you should be proud! Kim is a huge personality and very important state man.

  3. I advise anyone to get rid of their Smartphone, buy this phone, and then buy a Digital Compact Camera. You get the best of both worlds without being addicted to your phone.

  4. I was 18 when I had the original. I along with everyone I knew honestly couldn't imagine how phones could become any smarter! What will our mobile / personal communication technology be capable of in 20 years?!

  5. Everyone who reviews phones like this compares them to smartphones which is missing the point entirely. These phones are intended to not be smartphones..

  6. I was a teenager when the original came out, and yes I've had one of those in the 2000s. This makes me feel very old now…

  7. It has never been a flagship… Flagships begun with a 6xxx or later with a 7xxx, the 3xxx series was a cheaper and lower phone… New generation…

  8. Dekhne mein stylish hai
    Magar network problem hai
    Kam network aane wali jage mein ye mobile bilkhul network ata nhi

    Or jahan full network hai agar kisike saath baat kar rhi ho to ye mobile ka network automatically down ho jata hai or phone call mein sunai nhi deti or call disconnect hojati he apne aap. Maine kharida to ehi problem ho raha he

  9. I have 3310 for some time but i switch to NOKIA 150 because i want a good radio and music player. 3310 is a crap in this department compared to 150. The sound quality in 150 i phenomenal and comparable only with dedicated mp3 players. Who cares for 3g e.t.c. in such a small display with underpower processor.

  10. I owned this phone in the beginning, now I had to switch to 3g version, which is also great when you look for real phone. It has ability to call people and use SMS messenger 😉 I charge it like once per 6-7 days with average use. In winter I can type outside as screen freezes and keys do not 🙂


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