Nokia 3200 Unboxing 4K with all original accessories RH-30 review


This phone for sell:

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This video shows original box content and a quick presentation of Nokia 3200. All the accessories in this video are the ones given by Nokia with a new phone.
Accessories numbers (codes) are in the video.
Box contains phone, battery, charger, headphones and manuals. Aditionally there is a cover cutting tool included in the box.
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  1. Recuerdo el tiempo en que un amigo lo tenía y yo traía el 3220, se me hacían muy parecidos excepto que el 3220 traía las lucecitas a los lados y este no.

  2. I remember having this phone when I was in high school and I was the coolest kid in school because nobody was listening to music on their phone but since this had a FM radio, I was coolest at the bus stop.

  3. The very first brand new phone i had from saving up my allowance. Those were the days that a colored lcd phone was so cool

  4. this is my first phone.. It got soaked during my high school fieldtrip then dad changed it to motorolA RAZR.

  5. This was my first official cell phone back in the early 2000‘s. The flash light was a great feature it was even bright enough to be seen in the day time. I remember One of the few good things from junior high😢😢😢

  6. I had this phone in 2003, my college days. Got stolen in 2004. Played Bounce all the time.. memories revived.. thanks for sharing it..

  7. Maybe you should try to do some reviews of same those phones. One video unboxing, next review. This particular model is simple, but every n series has some unique cool features which you could show and talk about them. Me and lot of other nostalgic people would definitely watch that.


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