Nokia 2720 Hands-On: Flip phone makes a comeback!


This is our Nokia 2720 hands-on.

Every year since the return of Nokia, a retro phone has been brought back — a way of celebrating their glorious past while they also forge into the future. It started with the 3310 candy bar, then there was the 8810 banana phone, then this year Nokia is bringing back the flip phone: the Nokia 2720.


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  1. Just a travesty that they used micro USB, in 2019! I mean what's going on, are they trying to bring back the annoying and dying micro USB cable? For this reason and this reason only, I would never consider this phone.

  2. You can't take calls without opening the flip. Opening the flip will start the call and closing it would end the call.

  3. wai wait wait… A google assistant button?…the guys at nokia are realy delusianal idiots…I wanted that phone to ESCAPE google….. and now I decided im not gona buy it…keep mass producing shit Nokia no one will bat an eye..

  4. My new Nokia 3310 is a real life saver battery life is so good, talk time is very long, and if only used for SMS it lasts more than a week. For a frontliner communication is of utmost importance, good ol' Nokia battery life wins it for me. I wouldn't mind getting this flip phone too

  5. Been considering replacing my Samsung note 10 with this. I'm fed up with being on my phone constantly. I miss just having a phone for texting and calling, then getting onto my computer after school to use MSN and check MySpace. It was a happier time.

  6. Still waiting with hope and might that Nokia Will bring back the Slide Phones back such as the C2-05 Or the 2220 , Can't wait !!!!!


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