Nokia 1800 Review


– As part of e2vids budget range of videos this week, we show you the Nokia 1800.

Easy to use, simple and robust. Not to mention funky features such as a talking alarm clock and flashlight, a great idea for a spare handset or phone for work. Finally, the phone is available with great free gifts on our website, such as the latest games consoles and fantastic HD TV’s. Why not take a look on our site to find out more, or just ask Matt and Jay @ e2vids in the comments!

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  1. @kellyjaine123 Unfortunately not as it is a complete budget phone, there is no micro SD slot for saving songs 🙁

  2. @3rishirock3 I have this phone and I can say that it's true, unfortunately…I noticed it when I was listening to the music they usually put when you have to hold the line when yu're calling a call center.

  3. I got this cause the good batter and the handy flashlight (and because i wanted a phone with no camera).It does the job but 30e isnt very very cheap when you can get android phone with 99e.And the headphones are cheepy.At least it does its job good.


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