Nokia 1600 retro review (old ringtones, themes & games)


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Made in 2005, this GSM phone works with 2G bands: 900 / 1800 MHz. It has a color CSTN screen with 65k colors, with a resolution of 98 x 68 pixels. It has a weight of 85 grams including the battery (BL-5C) which has a capacity of 900 mAh that gives to the phone a up to 450 hours stand-by time! It included the mitical game Snake. It has the amazing (in his time) T9 predictive text input 😛

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  1. I used to have this phone on NET10 many years ago. Not all the ringtones or games were the same as this one, though.

  2. نريد نغمات جهاز إياد علاوي نسمي بالعراقي عدكم ماأدري شسمة😆


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