Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Abuse Claims: Amber Caught Lying Under Oath! NEW AUDIO and VIDEO!


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This new video and audio was first reported on by the Daily Mail. It is from Amber’s 2016 sworn deposition, taken just before Amber Heard dropped her domestic violence allegations against Johnny Depp.

Amber has repeatedly testified that she only hit Johnny one time during their relationship. We already know that’s a lie, but here is a very crucial point in her deposition, in which she willfully commits perjury, lying under oath about it.

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Amber Heard’s First Audio Confession to abusing Johnny Depp:

Amber Heard tells Johnny Depp nobody will believe him:

Amber Admits to Multiple attacks on Johnny Depp:

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Daily Mail Article:



  1. For those saying they should have just taken a break if she was going to just sit there and eat. This was actually right after a panic break by her and her team in which she was initially asked if she ever committed acts of domestic violence against Johnny. In retrospect I don't know why I didn't add it to my video. I might put it up on my twitter if you want to check it out. Or I'll use it as a brief follow up during my next video. Thanks for watching! – IA

  2. As a survivor. I’m loving your content. I wish Everyone in the courts took these cases as seriously as you. I have a narc ex. He was abusive and I caught him in bed with another woman…. TWO MINUTES LATER HE TOLD ME THERE WAS NO WOMAN. He’s now married to her. Fucking gross. He also just had a son with her and named him, the name of our miscarried baby. THAT I CHOSE. He chose Richie. Didn’t use that… I fucking hate him and his wife is obsessed with me. Copies everything I do and copies my posts and styles and captions EVEN EMOJI PATTERNS

  3. Someone else has probably said and you may have in your video but the eating before answering every question was to give her time to think of another lie to try and spin it in her favor even though it doesnt at all match the recordings… Had it not been for that she would have 100% tripped up in a way that's unmistakable.

  4. As someone who went through DV hearing her and her lawyer turning it into a joke is pissing me off. The sheer disrespect in the way she sits, talks and the eating. 🤢

  5. Well, in that recording he states he was in the bathroom and she was the one trying to get into it – not the other way around.

  6. Her lawyer is annoying! Not buying it. All of her movements and what she says indicates deception. I’d run away from her crazy ass as well! They’re allowing her to elaborate. Questions are supposed to be answered as asked. Pathetic. She’s, by far, the most deflective and manipulative person that I’ve ever seen in my life, and I’ve seen many!

  7. Thanks you yet again for making these videos.
    You're video are set out so well and are easy to follow and understand without feeling like you are telling people what they should believe. You're just setting out the evidence. Thank you 🙏

  8. I'm not an expert but…. nodding while saying no 3:42, or shaking your head (which normally indicates a no/a negative) while *saying* you *did* do something "I did my best" 4:07–4:10 – clearly lying on these occasions already and her body language shows. 4:35 smiling as she sees someone's defending her lies (sure you're fine to smile, but w/e). 5:20 eating just before the tape plays, disrespectful/shows she doesn't even care about what is about to play, someone who is an actual victim might not even have the appetite to eat whilst being interrogated above *abuse*, 5:35 and she carries on eating like it's popcorn and she's at the cinema. I mean, it could be to calm her nerves too (put that energy into eating instead) or that her throats dry as that'll happen when you're nervous/lying, you end up with a dry throat and require something to quench the feeling of thirst. No idea what she's eating here. 8:21 and 21:05 leaning the way she is/touching her face/covering herself in a way shows that she may feel like she is being caught lying/the statements they're reading makes her look guilty. 10:18 smiling again… 10:45 she doesn't even remember if they're from the same day? (sure they're old recordings…)

  9. Wow listening to her brings back so many memories of my 1st husband almost 17 years of abuse!! He lied and blamed me for everything even to the point where he asked me to be put on antidepressants and they were never strong enough until I was in a walking coma!! Amber is a scary person and the total aggressor!! Feel bad for the lies she told about Mr Depp!!

  10. She's just vile. Johnny is lucky he escaped with his life. I don't think she would have stopped, she is nasty cow and I certainly won't be taking my children to see anything she's in. Disgusting

  11. Shes clearly very cunning her whole demeanour stinks of arrogance. She knew exactly what she is doing. Looks a total narcissist.

  12. SHe said, and I quote "I was trying to hit him to get him out of the door to STAY in the room", is she literally confessing to trying to cage him and hurt him. She looks completely uninterested the whole time apart fro when she has to act and tell lies.

  13. I never say anything bad about people. But, johnny was damned the day he met this woman. Because of her, he has been going in and out of courts, not focusing on what he loves the most is making great movies. I miss him.

  14. If i was the victim & was being accused of being the aggressor i wouldn't be smiling at all.
    It's disgusting that her lawyer keeps running interference to prevent her answering a simple yes/no question with one word.

  15. How DARE her bitchass lawyer say the whispering is “distracting” as if the eating, smirking, smiling, chewing from her isn’t

  16. Now she has wasted all that time eating in court, why not fuck about brushing your teeth, that should buy you a few more seconds.

  17. What a vile woman! If she was truly a survivor of 'domestic abuse', it would be written across her face, she'd be tearing up at the mere thought of it! Like damn, I was beaten by my own mother repeatedly to the point I bled, and the mere recollections of it make me tear up and get incredibly anxious. And to this day, even though it happened years ago (+20yrs), I am still incredibly jumpy and I can't help having this involuntary movement to shield myself when something unexpected happens around me. Plus I know how it feels to have the living crap kicked out of me, I would never do such a thing to another human being willingly. And the only times I hit and kick my husband is when I am asleep having nightmares and I am still incredibly sorry for doing that even though I can't control it… what's her excuse? Also, anyone notice how she constantly kept on looking to the sides as she spoke? Looking for her creative part of the brain to make up some more stories no doubt. And that smirk, oh my god…

  18. Not only is she an abuser but she is WILDLY stupid & unprofessional (obviously). She has no manners, no idea how to act in the courtroom “That’s what I just told her” & eating. What a dumbass.

  19. toxic woman who thinks she'll just walk away with this because the justice system tends to give lesser punishments to women… Justice better prove her wrong, I can't stand her cockyness…

  20. Men (and women) take heed and stay vigilant because there are people like Amber out there all over the place and subconsciously they've been encouraged to go ahead with their narcissism and psychopathy. Many of them are better at acting than her too.


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