John Hardy: My green school dream


Join John Hardy on a tour of the Green School, his off-the-grid school in Bali that teaches kids how to build, garden, create (and get into college). The centerpiece of campus is the spiraling Heart of School, perhaps the world’s largest freestanding bamboo building.

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  1. I visited it 2 years ago and was awed.. Like you, I had listened to the Ted Talk beforehand, The tour is Great. The Iron River below can be rafted, also a fun day outdoors.I don't know where I found the energy to do this. I was over 60 then but push yourself to step outside your comfort zone and do , memorable epic trips…that change your life.

  2. Thank you for caring for the mother earth. We should all be more aware of what kind of damage we are causing on our planet and study more sustainable way of living. We are witnessing the climate change and yet here we are living destructively as nothing ever will happen or change.

  3. This school looks cool and I personally would want to go there.
    I like how they managed to make the school look so modern yet it's made out of bamboo.
    I wonder how much money it took to make it
    I wish our school could be like that too😀

  4. @NickBlackDIN he's not wearing skirt. It's called "kancut",Balinese traditional clothes for men. They usually wear it in formal and/or religious situation.

  5. Some of these comments seem ignorant, but in many ways I understand why. It's hard to get across what they've accomplished so far and what they're creating in a quick TED talk. He didn't have a chance to discuss the details of the educational program, nor is it really palpable what an amazing environment they've created. 

    I'd highly recommend a visit to the Green School if you find yourself near Bali in the future. They run tours daily, and they're incredibly educational and inspiring (having just been today).

    Yes, you can't create a verbatim replica of this everywhere. But the logic behind the educational ethos, the conscious design and sustainability principles… they can certainly be applied everywhere. It's not perfect, and it doesn't claim to be. But it's a step in the right direction.

  6. I went to Bali two weeks ago…I had plans in my minds about visiting some wonderful places, including this Green School. And as what always happens to all of us when we didn't write a to-do list, I suddenly forgot about my wonderful places list, and that's when I screwed my holiday.

    I HAVE TO go to Bali again, and this time I'll make sure to bring the list with me. And Green School would be one of my top priorities 🙂

  7. This man is the biggest sad-sack in the world. How do you make going to school in a bamboo treehouse sound tedious and boring? Have John Hardy tell you all about it!!!

  8. Lol…everyone knows that you don't stay under thatched roofs when there are coconut trees around!! If you don't pluck the coconuts they fall right through the roof! Love the idea, but you've got to learn more to live in those conditions


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