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On the vibrant streets of Itaewon, something is about to shake up the local food scene. Going up against the most powerful conglomerate in the industry, underdog Park Sae-ro-yi and his band of determined misfits seek to take over Itaewon and turn their ambitious dreams into reality.

Starring Park Seo-joon (WHAT’S WRONG WITH SECRETARY KIM), Kim Da-mi (THE WITCH: PART 1. THE SUBVERSION), and Kwon Nara (SUSPICIOUS PARTNER), ITAEWON CLASS is based on the popular webtoon of the same name.

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  1. It was such a bad idea to come here to watch this now made me miss itaewon class even more 💜 but i enjoyed watching and waiting for it, it's definitely one of my top 3 favorite and best dramas ever 💜

  2. well, just finished watching it. and it's still racist as hell. poor Tony character……the scar-face-character's (sorry don't remember the name) reaction to a black customer entering the pub in 16ep. is just….just…NOT OK. c'mon people you are human and it's 2020!!! even if u r Korean u can do better than this i know it!!!!!

    but Yi Seo is awesome. totally had no expectations for a character like her from kdrama. what's it's gonna be next then, korean "Mary kills people''? 🙂

  3. Hi Korean lovers, I'm here once again after watching last episode of this drama… Believe me or not, this is the best drama of 2020 with fabulous casting, amazing OSTs and the best part is the story…. Don't have the second thoughts, just go for it. Best thing to entertain yourself during this ISOLATION PERIOD…

  4. I've been watching Itaewon Class until its last episode and I was laughing so hard when my slow brain remember Chairman Jang was Do Bong Soon's father 🤣🤣

  5. This is a very good drama. Each characters have different stories. It's so sad yet so beautiful. It seems real and unreal at the same time.

    Saeroyi- a perfect character, not because he's perfect but because he's someone who is so human I guess? Cool, awesome, kind yet with flaws. I love how his want for revenge pushed him through everything.

    Yi-seo- a good bitch! She's so cool and sometimes, irritating. She gets too far sometimes that I want to pinch her side.

    Soo ah- I know that others are like her. She has a goal. She don't want to go back to that past self of her who is weak and nothing.

    Geun-won- I really pity her character. He did not receive affection and warmth that he craves for. You can't give what you did not receive as they say. If he is a real person in real life. I hope there's reincarnation and hope for him to be born with parents who can guide him well and love him.

    Chairman Jang- he started poor and let power, money and fame rule his world. He forgot the reason why he strived so hard reaching the top. I pity his character as well.

    Geun-soo- he is a good one, it's just that like others, he is flawed. At some point we are tempted and we are so into winning that we hurt others.


  6. Guyss this kdramam has a huge impact for me.It was very good not just good but a goosebump one.I cried a lot and it makes me happy is must watch kdrama.It inspires me a lot especially for taking an action every step ,littel by little no matter how long or years it is. As long as you have dreams go for it and have patience

  7. Here before the last episode.. damn this must be one of my all-time favorite k-drama each ep I would be holding my breath, clasping my hands it's just so amazing

  8. I'm a Korean who has always avoided Korean dramas just because they're always so cheezy and the acting always seems so far-fetched but I tried watching this one cos of the hype and it seems they finally made something with a very tolerable cringe factor in a looooong time and hence worth watching.. real kudos to the actors too for not overacting.. oh yeah and the black actor is a real big step for the Korean entertainment industry towards counterstereotyping imo

  9. I was like is it in ViKi? Nope on Netflix bruh. I am a big fan of him ever since 2016 because of his appearance in running man and now he’s so popular glad he is.

  10. the sacrifice of a girl who is smart, rude and selfish who is willing to leave everything and choose a man who has never liked her to help fulfill her desires, is her love avenged? I really like the story especially the cast of the drama …
    Park seo joon x kim da mi ❤😘😊


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