How Would You Take Down North Korea? (The 7 Choices)


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If you were put in charge of one mission – to take down the North Korean regime – a mission that had previously left world leaders beaten and befuddled, where failure could result in changes to the political and physical landscape for generations to come….what would you do?

And time is of the essence here, as the longer you wait, the likelier it is for Dear Leader to complete development of nukes capable of reaching the continental US, or perhaps anywhere else in the world. Actually, according to some reports, it might already be too late!

But whether North Korea actually fires is another question altogether. If we are to rid the world of this nefarious regime – I’m talking the regime not the people – we have to consider the options. In this video, I’ll go over the seven way to take down North Korea – including the most destructive, the most convenient, the most secretive, and the most unexpected.



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  1. This was the longest video I've ever done! I'll aim for shorter ones from now on, as this took a killer amount of time. Anyway, so which of these 7 methods do you prefer?

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  2. my heart genuinely breaks everytime i hear what people are going through in NK. I simply pray that this is over asap and these tyrants are bring forward to held accountable for their actions. There are words which i believe very strongly " God will never change a nation's leader if the nation itself wont make effort " . i have to include that NK is not alone in on this dictatorship. 100% there are more countries which are supporting him through many way to start a war. bcz War is the Best business of all

  3. N. Korea hits American soul! LA is reduced to ashes and we finally have an excuse to liberate the koreans. Sounds like a win win

  4. Assassinating Kim would be a death sentence but it would be easy because all a soldier would need to do would be to fire an rpg at him during one of those propaganda parades

  5. Nuke N.Korea,yes it solves the problem but remember there are innocent civilians living there and officers that have no choice but to obey the regime

  6. I can't help but think that the 5.8 K 'dislikes' for this video (as of this comment) are all from N. Korean bots. This video was awesome, BTW. Thanks for the research and presentation.

  7. At this point, he’s gonna get Covid. If he doesn’t wanna, he should social distance. If he does, it’s gonna be easier to assasinate.

    Just sayin. But the money bomb IS a good idea

  8. soooo you did this much research into how to bring down a tyrannical regime, wherever you are i really hope you are safe…..pplease keep a low profile i dont think rocket man would like that you did this…..

  9. If it was up to me I would go all deadpool style YAAAAAAAAAAA HOIIIIIIIIIII HAIIIIIIIIII YAAAAAAAAAAA 🥋

  10. I can feel the North Korean equivalent of the FBI storming their way to my house after seeing my search history

  11. Me: don’t worry North Korea, ain’t gonna do anything. A(uses assassination way)
    North Korea, and South Korea, that watched this video: HMMMMM, S U S P I C I O N

  12. To me it's quite obvious that the option 7 wouldn't work. It's clever, sure, but North korea would by no means be forced to use a foreing currency. They can always adopt alternative currency or simply move to a even more communistic model, that's where totalitarian states excel, they can make nationwide reforms immensely quick.

  13. I would just look on the internet and search: kim jong un's favorite food. And send all the food to North Korea

  14. If it were my mission to take them down, (I'm assuming the role of North American interests because THAT is where and who is most interested in slapping that fat bitch right into Chinese New Year. Fucking pain in the ass) So,. the first thing I would do is the BEST possible impeccable cleansing of corruption and upgrading of MY own country BEFORE going and telling another how to do things. THEN, I'd render the CCP inert either by fully severing ALL business trade with China and their products. Mexico could and should be set up to compete and or replace China (eventually at least and as leverage) for manufacturing cheaply in the same capacity as China…this could have the added benefit of amalgamating Mexico as the third member of the N.American triple alliance (a formidable force THAT would be indeed) instead of aggravating a potential ally and power resource with IDIOT talks of walls, and border guards. Clean up that shit Pronto Pinché chingada Madré!! Or disabling The CCP's potential defensive resolve towards N. Kor. via some other deal they couldn't refuse, there's always the British tactic of pushing a shit load of Dope into the population so no one wants to even move. Meanwhile convince Putin that the Saudi's are planning to chop down the Russian Economy by controlling fuel, and flooding Russia with cheap heroin, thus distracting them. An explosion in a couple Moscow govnt. buildings ought to help convince the Russian commie pinkos. Send operatives into N.Korea covertly with swine flu contagion to soften them up, and conditionally provide vaccines but fake ones to the regime members. Money bomb as well VERY effective. Hitler ALMOST did it to the U.S. Big Time..But was thwarted. Bio & chem attrition, economice dissolvent, and starvation (siege) with the assistance of Xi Jinping, and every other nation who might throw in, and no assistance from Putin, N.Kor would implode inside 6 months TOPS. To disuade a tantrum nuke tossing, I'd bribe the fat little toad with something he has a great weakness for ( All his kind have at least one). If all else fails, I'd just simply tell the E. Indians that N.Koreans taste like tandoori chicken. BOOM! Done like dinner. Case closed.

  15. watching in 2020 where Kim is having heart issues. The last method the hereditary one seems most likely but I like the idea of a money bomb because all the other countries would be like but were helping the people.


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