How To Spot a Fake Nokia 3310


The indestructible Nokia 3310 is making a comeback in 2017. Here is how to tell a real vs fake one to buy. Should I do this for the iPhone 8?

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Real Nokia 3310:

The Nokia 3310 is such an iconic phone. This thing can literally survive any type of damage and lasts forever. However, you need to be aware of fakes! In this video I show you the difference between real vs fake phones and tell you how to spot a fake Nokia 3310.


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if u see this comment below how i should try and destroy this phone


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  1. Chill man, i will feel worried if you will have a gun because of the way you talk! You talk likes a gangsta. You're so nervous in this vid.

  2. Here's some tips on how to avoid a fake Nokia 3310.

    1. Don't get one.
    2. Stick to the original 2000's version.
    3. Play Snake or something.
    4. You must live with it.


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