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Anastasia Dedyukhina ditched her smartphone, together with her senior international career in digital marketing, when she realized how dependent she had become on the gadget. Today she acts as a business mentor, supporting ethical tech startups, and runs Consciously Digital, helping companies and individuals be more productive and less stressed in an age of digital distraction. In her talk, Anastasia will explain why we feel the uncontrollable urge to check our smartphones all the time and share the valuable lessons she learned and the tips that helped her find the balance between her online and offline life.

Having worked for 12+ years in senior digital marketing positions for global media and internet brands, and easily spending 16 hours a day connected and even sleeping with her phone, Anastasia eventually realised she needed to unplug to remain healthy and productive.
Giving up her smartphone was the first step to creating Consciously Digital – a London-based training and coaching company that helps individual and corporate clients be more productive online, so that they can have more time for things that matter.
Anastasia is a frequent speaker at global internet conferences on the topics of ethical tech and digital detox, as well as marketing in the age of digital distraction. She blogs for Huffington Post about digital detox, and is currently finalising her first book on the same subject. Anastasia was born in Russia, lived in six different countries, and has an MBA from SDA Bocconi (Italy) and NYU Stern (USA), and a PhD from Moscow State University.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


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  1. Great talk.i have been thinking about this will take it into action step by step out of phone addiction.

  2. I want to say that I really enjoyed this speaker, she is so sweet in her delivery of an issue that is so widespread ; heck even her smile is contagious as it so sincere. She should be invited more often on delivering these kinds of talks about disconnecting ; she is very humble and makes you fell like you're collectively working together..

  3. I can feel and understand 100% what message she’s trying to convey, cuz I’m a commercial truck driver and the very first time I got my CDL license was back in or around 2004, and trust me even thinking about automatic transmission engine or navigator for trucks were like a dream so far fetched, cuz all the trucks were stick shift and the only technology commercial truck drivers(including myself) used for navigation was all sorts of maps, forget about the phones, cuz even having unlimited talk time domestically was a big deal, cuz it was so expensive. ATLAS map of America (preferred by majority of the drivers) was like a book with more than 300 pages was considered very easy and helpful. Most of the Trucks had 12 gears unlike cars (having 4 or 5 gears)18 gears were the max, I don’t know how many people still drives stick shift cars, just take a little challenge from me and just think about trying to drive a car or any vehicle with 10 gears, which(10 gears) was considered child’s play that time, now you probably have some idea that 18 gears transmission engine was considered a little bit harder, So the people that time was lot smarter than anybody studying mechanical engineering these days.

  4. Grew up using a smart phone and want to switch. Moved to a new city where I need to drive to new job sites often for work. Any tips on navigating without a smartphone?

  5. They have only been around for 9 years! Do you know what we had before hand?
    Each others undivided attention…

  6. Fifteen plus years on and I'm still using the same Nokia. I drop it, the back comes off, the battery comes out, I put it back together ……… it works. What happens when YOU drop your smart phone ???

  7. This is amazing! Thank you thank you! Add to this the proven negative health effects of cell-phone radiation. This is really making me think.

  8. Hello from a proud landline owner. I don't own a smartphone. Yes, I'm still very much alive – and I'm an entrepreneur, mind you.

  9. I'm 16 and a phone addict……… I wanna leave my smartphone behind but there is peer pressure. How do I get my messages in a social group which passes around all talks through WhatsApp and DMs???

  10. Smart Phones are DESIGNED to distract you and occupy your time. That way you won't notice how much freedom you have lost or how poorly the elite class is running your country. They also limit your ability to communicate in the real world. Take your life back! DITCH Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all that other bullcrap too! The people who designed these "things" usually don't let their own families participate in them! Maybe there is a very good reason for that! Hmmmm…

  11. Damn man from this we can see , audience is too partial to appreciate the psychological topics that relates to their bad way of living .
    What a video to support the cause that in the age of information , attention is the least available thing

  12. Its a yes from me at least. Im from a third world country and smartphones are not such a big deal thankfully

  13. Could you live without a smartphone? The estimated 108 Billion human beings who existed before 2007 seemed to manage it somehow.

  14. Thank you, Anastasia, for this video. I made it to 5:24 of this video before realizing the person next to me is the library I can go to. The next person I meet has the map I need that I go to on my iPhone every once and awhile. Now, i use my phone to do the likeness of what you did in creating this video, which requires advanced technology, and spread the news of The Messiah, Rene Urias Suchil, “GET OFF YOUR PHONE or LEARN. IN OTHER WORDS, “ BECOME LIKE THE ANCIENTS FROM THE PAST,” or, “LEARN AND HELP OTHERS WHO ARE LOST IN THE INTERnet!” 😔😔😔😂😂😂👌👌👌😍😍😍😋😋😋 El MESSIAS es AQUI.

  15. As for payment, I make it pretty simple. First, I'm usually not reachable during non-work hours.. Secondly,, I consider every mail sent to me during off-hours as work, and it's accounted as such. After all, I'm not working in an emergency room. Work is work, and pay is pay. A lot of people seem to forget that nowadays.

  16. Well, I never got that problem to be honest. I am 30 and never owned a smartphone nor mobile phone during my life. Applause I'm working in IT and I do like computers, but smartphones always seemed like gadtets to replace functioning parts of the brain for me. I mean, I can do spatial navigation in my head. I can take a look at a map and don't get lost in a foreign city. Some of my age-mates get lost in their own city without Google Maps.


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