Coronavirus outbreak: Tom Hanks contracts COVID-19; North American sports leagues suspend operations


Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, are in isolation after testing positive for COVID-19.

The pandemic has forced the NHL, NBA, and MLS to suspend their seasons, while the MLB has postponed its start. Mike Armstrong looks at the global impact of the sporting world’s new goal to keep people healthy.

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  1. Oh…! Bummer! He gets to go down into the DUMBs with the rest of his team mates and live out their quarantines.
    Good luck with that!!!!!

  2. Worlds most trusted man according to Google. What are the chances? Be buying a ticket in every lotto. What are the actual mathematical chances of that @13th Mar. Then Pe7er Du77on gets it- Australia's Goebles, same day, he's fresh back from the US arranging the removal of privacies for "child protection", but right here in Australia we have Parliamentary pdf file protection orders in place to protect hundreds of names of prominent Australian (some ex) authorities. But the worlds most trusted man has a quick bout of Cov, cool story.

  3. This is what happens when you virtue signal way too much. Along with too much self-righteousness. Karma hits you back…eventually.

  4. All you hear about is who's getting it and who's dying from it, not about the many people who have recovered from it…. all sensationalism

  5. Usually the poor population get these types of diseases and die but wouldn't it be strange if this virus attacked mostly the rich and elite?? They have the means to travel, increasing their chances and are always involved in huge social events…possibly a reverse effect on the elites who normally assume they are untouchable, Trudeau has it, Hanks, several politicians are self quarantined, hell it might be a way to wipe out all these corrupt leaders within DC! Just thinking out loud….

  6. In the face of the outbreak, we can only say that God bless the American people. After all, it's just a kind of flu. Good luck

  7. Pandemic viruses are a result of our relationship with animals, namely, how we "farm" and kill them for dietary consumption.

    If you want these pandemic diseases to end, stop eating animal products

  8. I have never gone to a……..
    Basketball Game
    Major Sporting event
    Travel abroad

    Something tells me this is a Rich People Virus. It’s Started from Rich Chinese people.

  9. He is a pedo. Look up his intro to rapekidswood man w one red shoe movie. It's perverse. And he's lying as usual

  10. What if Robert deNiro gets it?!
    What if Streep gets it?!
    What if what if Whoopi gets it!?
    What if Jon Leibowitz(Stewart) gets it?!
    What if Clooney?!

    I may run out of celebs to boycott.

  11. China is the most rotten country on the face of the earth. If they are not stealing, polluting, murdering babies, they are spreading diseases, chaos and misery throughout the world.


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