Best Nokia Phones To Get 2018 (Top 6)


Nokia once used to be the biggest phone brand in the world, they also once were exclusively making Windows phones, but now in 2018 they make Android phones! So what’s the best Nokia phone to buy in 2018? We list 6 of the best Nokia smartphones released in 2018.

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Mobile phones are a multi-purpose device. We use them for communicating with those closest to us and for business, we use them to search out information on the internet, to guide us around through GPS, to entertain us through music, movies, and games. We use them to capture special moments or to take selfies. The phone has replaced the need for so many devices, it’s no wonder you want to find the best one for your needs, let us help you with out top picks.


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  1. Shame the 7 plus has a charging port problems apart from that it was a great phone an till I had to send it back……

  2. good thing nokia is using android os….its a big treat to samsung…nokia can still rule the phone industry like old time…im a samsung user but now ima switch to nokia!

  3. I really liked Nokia for its quality, very good camera, super navigation and operating system. Now it's only worse. As long as Nokia has Android, I will not buy this phone. It's not the same Nokia.

  4. issue with new Nokia mobiles is that new company who owns them removed Led Notifications and that is the issue. They need to return this back then Nokia would be great again. If people miss SMSs or calls and are somewhere at meetings or somewhere else they don't see led notifications flashing light that's the problem than. otherwise they are doing great job since last year with Nokia.


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