2021 Elantra Live Global Reveal | Hyundai


Catch the action from the thrilling reveal of the all-new 2021 Elantra. From striking lines and bold style to forward-thinking tech, the 2021 Elantra is a cutting-edge masterpiece you need to see.

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Available September 2020. Preproduction model with optional features shown.

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2021 Elantra Live Global Reveal | Hyundai


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  1. It's like they listen to everything I said everything I wanted on the 2018 is now available on the 2021 and it looks excellent

  2. I have the 2018 and like it but I absolutely love the new design of the 2021 I had had a chance to get the 2019 but I didn't like it and I didn't like the 2020… but I am really really impressed they nailed everything to a tee. It's perfect in 2021 model

  3. The 2015-2018 are the best Elantras ever made no cvts and the exterior looks mature. This 2021 Elentra looks good but not mature than the 2015-2018 version and it have a cvt too.

  4. Do away with the dancers and people doing crazy things and looking and acting ungodly, as Hyundai has on it's website reveal video. The world is in a terrible moral state as it is. The new Elantra looks nice. Let's keep the focus there.

  5. I m sad…. we don t have elantra in belgium… i have a 2012 i40 ( european elantra with big difference) and i love it !!!!

  6. Let me just help the people….@16:00 the car comes in. Great design I have to give it to Hyundai. Nothing is ever really original from them but they do a great job of bringing design and tech from the higher end cars to the economy segment.

  7. The car looks competitive in technology but I think the design of the car getting worse. I did not like the front seems to belong to another car

  8. Koreans are really good at making cheap cars look expensive. No matter how good they look I'd never buy one. I'll stick with Japanese cars at least you know what you get for your money especially cars like the new Mazda's.


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